Another month has flown by and once again I must apologize for the dearth of blog posts. I have no really good excuse, other than I have been heads down a lot on my next ebook. I've been struggling a bit with it for various reasons, and I'll probably talk a little about them in another blog post soon, but for now, I wanted to get December's wallpaper up for you. December 2011 wallpaper

This one is from the commute home after a rather long day at work. It was a cold and wet fall evening, and the wind was blowing away the last leaves on the trees. The road was littered with mostly yellow leaves and the rain really brought out the colors that appeared in my headlights. I had made a similar photograph during my One Camera/One Lens/One Month experiment, so I had an idea of the kind of photograph I might get. I held the camera in front of the steering wheel with one hand and fired off a few shots, using a slow shutter speed to blur the motion from the car. This particular shot was to me the best of the bunch. I hope you like it, too.

December 2011 wallpaper — Desktop (2560 x 1600) December 2011 wallpaper — iPad (1024 x 1024) December 2011 wallpaper — iPhone (640 x 960)