I'm a little late with this one, as my mother once again reminds me, but because I am, you get an image from this past weekend that I photographed while I was at the Close to Home workshop in Port Townsend, Washington. October 2011 wallpaper

This one is actually from the World Wide PhotoWalk on Sunday, which Ray led and which featured the Kinetic Sculpture Race. Before the race began, however, I was walking around the docks with Brian Matiash, Nicole Young and Jacob Lucas, just seeing what I could see. There was fog rising from the islands across Puget Sound and I was trying to find a landscape shot in there. A gull was floating in the water and I kept thinking that it would soon leave so I could get a clean shot. It did take off, but I suddenly decided to include it in the frame, giving the photograph a little twist to the standard landscape shot.

I hope you enjoy it.

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