Inspired by Darwin Wiggett's Winter in the Canadian Rockies ebook on Craft & Vision, I've found myself spending a few hours over the last couple of weekends out on the frozen lake at our nearby state park. The ice is about 5-6 inches thick now, so it's an easy thing to walk from one side of the lake to the other—something that I still get a kick out of. Don't worry; I'm very careful when it comes to testing the ice to see if it will hold me. I'm not really interested in taking a dip this time of year. I pay close attention to where the ice fishermen are and if I'm still not clear, I ask them about the ice conditions. Most of these guys know this lake very well, and can tell me where it's safe—and, more importantly, where it's not. Folded - February 2011 desktop wallpaper

This photograph came from along the lake's edge, where the tall grasses and cattails grow, but are now bent and folded over by the ice and snow. This one was standing out by itself a bit from the others, but not far enough I couldn't capture the shadows of the rest of them. The repetition of the pattern in the shadows drew me to make this photograph and to select it as my February wallpaper. Enjoy.

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