Well, 2010 is on its last legs, and once again it seems like the year has flown by—but what a year this has been, at least for me. I'm planning a nice big year-end wrap up to talk about all of it, but want to take a moment here to say "thank you" to everyone who has contributed to my photographic journey over the last 12 months. Things have certainly changed and I hold you all personally responsible. :-) Soar

Speaking of flying, this month's wallpaper is a photograph I made in 1987 while on vacation in Acadia National Park in Maine. Made with a Pentax 645 and Fujichrome Velvia 100 (I think), it reminds me of the past and of the future. I know that's a little sappy, but we really do need to do what we can to fly in a world that seems like it only wants to ground us, sometimes permanently. We all have responsibilities, true—but we occasionally need to take the time to push ourselves out into the air and soar. It feels good and it opens us up to so many possibilities out there.

I hope all of you have a great December and a great Christmas holiday. Perhaps this New Year, you'll add "soar" to your list of resolutions. Enjoy.

December wallpaper — Large Desktop (2560 x 1600) December wallpaper — Small Desktop (1280 x 800) December wallpaper — iPad (1024 x 1024) December wallpaper — iPhone HD (640 x 960)