Here it is… a new year and a new decade are upon us. It seems people either loved or hated the 'oughts and I think there were plenty of reasons to opine either way, depending on how you were affected. So, time to move on, eh?

[caption id="attachment_157" align="aligncenter" width="590" caption="January Wallpaper - Leaf in Ice"]January Wallpaper - Leaf in Ice[/caption]

In that spirit, I present my January wallpaper image. This is one of the first images I made when photography took a hold on my life again, back in February of 2008. I'm using it for this month, even though it's not the best image, because it represents a new beginning to me; the real start to this photographic journey I'm on. It reminds me that things change, and that there are changes I cannot stop no matter how much I want to. I can only control how things affect me.

So, download away and enjoy this reminder of new beginnings—and maybe start something new yourself. From me to you, Happy New Year.

January 2010 - small (1280 x 800) January 2010 - medium (1440 x 900) January 2010 - large (1920 x 1200) January 2010 - extra large (2560 x 1600)